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----- while stock last! -----
We need some Information for your order, pleas fill out the area on the right side.
Choose your horses size and fill out your favorite colors and what this box migth be for, like dressage or free work ...
Be surprised! Our Farbenreiter Box normally is ready faster than the 10 working days, and it's a good birthday gift.
The worth of the box is higher than the price often.
25er Box; this Box may contain one or two products. Like a Halter (29,90€) or a Balancerein (25€) with a Changing Pad (10€) or a Ropehalter with a rope (35€) or reins (24,90€) with a crop halter (9,90€) or something else.
50er Box; this Box can contain 1 up to three products. For example a Basic Cavesson (55€) or a ropehalter with a longe (55€) or a riding rope halter with reins (60€) or a neckrein with a longe and a crop halter (60€) or something else.
You can find more Information about the material on the site "Das Material"
ATTENTION: neon colors can rub off!

Farbenreiter Surprise Box

PriceFrom €25.00
VAT Included |

    We will always produce a one size, so you need to chosse between Minishettland, Shettland, Pony, Thoroughbred, Warmblood or Drafthorse.


    This product is custom made according to customer requirements. Regardless of the size (made-to-measure or one-size-fits-all), it is only made after the order has been received, which means that it is excluded from the right to exchange or return!

    This product cannot be returned.


    The production of the product takes about 10 working days, then you will be informed about the shipment.

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