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Nannimani 7 years ago Teach a good man the race, and he is a good runner. Fair Game The only place we won't find people like this is at the gym. Lizard King I use to do the workout myself, though no longer. I started doing it a few months ago because my endurance is gone. It does work. My calories are up and I'm a bit taller and I'm more toned in some places than before. Best of all, I have people in my life who I can share this with. Re: Teaches a good man the race It works. People who don't want to do it still get as much out of it as those who do. I second the first post. I did it for the first time in 9 years and it blew me away how good it feels. I am only 11 weeks into it though. It is a great fitness program! Shiny Objects The training itself does not teach you a good man. Nookd About running… Just a reminder to everyone that it is a marathon, not a sprint. Hijacking I would say it does more than teach you a good man. It teaches you to run. People who take it up say they never ran before and after doing the program they say they are now runners. I never did this program. SHANNY I agree with the first post, I know people who have done it and have lost more weight and they even say it has been a long term thing, people that know they have a good chance to live longer and healthier. Don't think this can't teach you a good man, what else can, besides the fact that you are helping your body and soul to run. I did it and I lost a good bit of weight. It is hard to lose that much though. iDrizzy Cool



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Runerskeyserial [Updated-2022]

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