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Our products

All products are individuell and can be changed like you need it. 

You can get custom made halters and bitles briddles.

Our products are made of BetaBiothane. You can find more information about it under "material".

Our colors:

black, grey, white, darkbrown, redbrown, lightbrown, khaki, darkgreen, emerald green, turqouise-green, neongreen, lime, darkblue, turqouise-blue, purple, bordeuax,red, neonpink, neonorange, yellow, neongelb.

We have 25 colors for our pads:

black, grey, white, darkbrown, mocca, lightbrown, beige, yellow, orange, red, bordeaux, berry, pink, rose, purple, darkblue, middleblue, lightblue, babyblue, turqoise, mint, petrol, darkgreen, lime, zebra

Maßanleitung Farbenreiter
Maßanleitung Farbenreiter
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