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About us

We produce handmade cavessons, bitless bridles and much more around equestrian sports.

Bitless riding

Many would like to try bitless riding and are looking for the right equipment. We have developed various variants for this and put them together for you.

Work on the cavesson

Lungeing should only be done with cavessons and this is best done to measure, as each horse has different needs.

The foundation of Farbenreiter

I have been self-employed since 2013 and started working with Biothane. After the demand increased steadily we opened our online shop in 2016 and expanded our product range. In 2017 we changed the name to Farbenreiter and had it protected as an independent brand.

We continue to create new innovative bridles with the help of customers and your wishes. It is nice to see that more and more people are trying out bitless riding.

In May 2018 we had an interview with CAVALLO about the benefits of Biothane in equestrian sports.

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