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Directly to our course "Balance vom Boden" !
Our regular price for one pad is about 29,90€, and normaly you need two to train you horse.The square pads are about 34,90€ and are better for horses with big hoofes.
What are these pads for?
You want to create an unstable ground under the hoofes and the horse will try to balance on it. This might strengthen the stabilaziation muscles which can help to build up muscles very gently.
This is a good product for physical therapy, rehabilitation, avoidance of violations and athletic conditioning. You train the Core stability and improve the coordination, flexibility and agility.
Material: the pads are made of a special foam, which is tearproof and made for long term use. It has a structured surface for a non-slip usage and a good damping.
Its easy to clean and to transport!
oval: ca. 28cmx17cmx6cm
oval pink: 26cmx15cmx6cm
square: ca 30x20x6cm
weight: 150g 


VAT Included |

    This Product can only be hand back completely and when you didnt use anything of it! You have to pay for the shipping back to us and it always needs to be insured!

    German Law: §355 BGB you can give this product back up to 30 days, but only unused products.


    This product may take 3-4 working days to ship depending on stock levels.


    Diese Produkt gibt es auch in anderen Varianten:

    Quadratische Balancepads

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