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This model is particularly suitable for lunging and can be ordered as a unit size or as a custom-made product.


Your measurements are, if possible, the middle setting on the cavesson.

The nose pad has a reinforced core which can be ideally adapted to the horse's nose without becoming too rigid. The neck strap is continuous (unlike the cavesson distance), which enables a straight shape. The model has built in a triangle for more stability. The throat strap is adjustable in height. The cavesson has a central ring and a side ring, which means that the cavesson can also be used for bitless riding. In addition, this model offers a central lead ring on the chin strap and rings for bit straps


You can find the bit straps in our shop as an extra product.

We recommend ordering a chin pad additionally for more stability and protection.


You can find exact pictures of the colors of the Biothane and the upholstery on our page "The Material".


Here is an overview of the sizes:

(all information is given approximately in cm in the largest setting)

Size: nose width, nose circumference, neck length, ganache width

Minishetty - 24-49-70-35

Shetty - 26 - 54 - 80 - 40

Pony - 30 - 59 - 90 - 45

Whole blood - 34 - 64 - 100 - 50

Warmblood - 38 - 69 - 110 - 55

Cold blood - 40 - 74 - 120 - 60

Cavesson - Premium

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VAT Included |
Biothane Colors
Pad Colors
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    For one of our custom-made cavessons we need four measurements from your horse.

    The nose circumference, the nose width, the neck length and the jaw width. You can find out how to measure them from our measuring instructions or get themexplained in a video.

    Width Biothane: 16mm

    Pad width: approx. 3.5 cm


    This product is a custom-made product according to customer requirements.

    It will only be made according to your wishes after the order has been received, which means that it is excluded from the right of exchange and return!

    This product cannot be returned.


    The production of the product takes about 10 working days, then you will be informed about the shipment.


    Diese Produkt gibt es auch in anderen Varianten:

    Goldene Beschläge

    Schwarze Beschläge

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