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Here you will find our cushions for noseband, which are manufactured according to your wishes.

The basic price for an interchangeable upholstery is € 10.

The opening is 16mm wide and fits all of our bridles.

Exact pictures of the colors of the Biothane and the upholstery can be found on our page "The Material".

Change upholstery color wheel

SKU: 215
VAT Included |
Pad Colors
Lieferzeiten variieren zwischen 14-21 Tage nach Zahlungseingang

    If you would like a one-size-fits-all, please indicate for which type of horse (pony, thoroughbred, warmblood, draft horse) you use the product most often.


    Made-to-measure items cannot be exchanged.


    The production of the product takes about 10 working days, then you will be informed about the shipment.

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