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Here you will find our premium rope halter, which is manufactured according to your wishes.


The cover on the noseband is not only decorative, but also provides a larger contact surface and more stability. The ring at the bottom of the diamond knot makes it possible to adjust the circumference so that it can also be made a little smaller.

The basic price for a rope halter is € 29.99 excluding rope!


You can choose a basic color for the 6mm rope and a color for the decoration on the noseband. The cover widens the noseband from about 12mm to at least 16mm.


From now on you can get riding rings at no extra charge!

Choose a biothane color for the adjustable ring on the horse's chin.

Premium rope halter - UNI

SKU: 503
VAT Included |
Biothane Colors
Rope Color (plain)
Rope Color Coating (plain)
Lieferzeiten variieren zwischen 14-21 Tage nach Zahlungseingang
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